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America’s first milk was vegan milk

Food journalist Avery Yale Kamila discusses Native American traditions for making milks, butters and cheeses from nuts in a new article, “Americans have been enjoying nut milk and nut butter for at least 4 centuries.” As Freya Dinshah noted last year in the New York Times, “We’ve had coconut milk since probably the beginning of time and if they want to be explicit they can say cow milk and we can say soy milk. The dairy industry thinks they’ve got the corner on milk.”

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November 2 is Dynamic Harmlessness Day

Dynamic Harmlessness Day celebrates Jay Dinshah’s legacy, appropriately on his birthday. It is a comprehensive philosophy based on doing more than simply avoiding intentional harm, but rather actively striving to “live up to truth” and help other beings, whether human or not.

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Are the USDA dietary guidelines inherently racist?

Dr. Milton Mills has provided testimony to the USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee on multiple occasions. He also co-authored the 1999 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) report on Racism in the Dietary Guidelines. As the 2020 guideline recommendations were being drafted, we checked in with Dr. Mills on how these may, either unwittingly or intentionally, have a racist effect on nonwhite populations.

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