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You don’t have to be vegan yet to be an American Vegan Society (AVS) member!

AVS promotes clarity in people’s understanding of veganism, supplies a moral compass, and offers resources for your vegan journey.

Membership is open to everyone.

AVS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. EIN #226058533

Membership is $25 within U.S.A.  American Vegan magazine (3 or 4 print issues per year).

Membership $25 RENEWAL within U.S.A. 

Membership $25 AUTO-RENEW annually within U.S.A. 

Student or Low Income $12 PDF only.

Membership anywhere in the world $25 PDF only.

Membership AUTO-RENEW anywhere in the world $25 PDF only.

Life Membership $500. Includes lifetime (yours or AVS) American Vegan magazine.

Advanced Membership (by application, for voting and office holding) is open to vegans practicing ahimsa who are current members. Link available here soon.





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AVS is a registered 501(c)3 organization, EIN 226058533. All donations made to the American Vegan Society are tax deductible.