Freya Dinshah photographed by Matt Zugale for New Jersey Monthly

Freya Dinshah photographed by Matt Zugale for New Jersey Monthly

New Jersey Monthly recently profiled the president of the American Vegan Society, Freya Dinshah, calling her “New Jersey’s Queen of the Vegans.”

Although Freya does not endorse a royal designation, she stands as a singular force for positive change, with an unparalleled record of 63 years of vegan advocacy. She started on this journey in the summer of 1960, marrying Jay Dinshah, who had just founded this organization, the first vegan nonprofit in the U.S.

In addition to many other activities that have helped to make ‘vegan’ a household word, Freya was the author of the first vegan cookbook published in this country, back in 1965. Long before Tofutti or Daiya or Vegenaise, The Vegan Kitchen was instructing readers on how to make their own vegan ice cream, cheese and mayonnaise.

As our Malaga-based matriarch shies away from advertising her own personal accomplishments, it’s always great to see mainstream coverage acknowledging her work. The New Jersey Monthly piece is by Barbara Leap. Here’s a brief excerpt:

Dinshah predicts that “at least 50 percent of humans will become totally vegan.” And while she’d love to live in a 100 percent vegan world, she acknowledges that “if it’s ever to happen, it will be driven by economic and environmental forces” rather than a peaceful attitude toward animals.

“I don’t believe in killing animals to eat; it’s not necessary. But veganism is far more a philosophy than just a diet,” says Dinshah. “It involves compassion for all, including animals, our environment and ourselves.”

You can read the entire New Jersey Monthly article here. All hail the queen!