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Mission, Vision, and Values Statements of American Vegan Society

The mission is the purpose of the organization. Vision is what we hope to achieve. Values are our core principles and ethics.

We have held essentially these mission, vision, and values since our founding in 1960. However, we made adjustments recently: Jay’s famous vision “I will work every day until all the slaughterhouses are closed!” has been revised to the team approach and broadened in scope.

Mission Statement The American Vegan Society promotes a compassionate, healthful, and sustainable lifestyle, empowering individuals through education and advocacy—since 1960.

Vision Statement We envision a world where animals are no longer exploited by humans, and the world is in harmony.

Values Statement American Vegan Society’s (AVS) core values are: compassion, education, integrity, and nonviolence. AVS utilizes a kind and welcoming voice, respectful of everyone, regardless of where they are (or are not yet) along a vegan journey. AVS advocates nonviolently for the abolition of the abuse of animals. AVS practices the core values in all aspects of their work and encourages others to do likewise:

The Golden Rule — “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”—extended to all animals, human and nonhuman

Reverence for Life — All Life has value; respect it and treat it with utmost care. (more info)

Dynamic Harmlessness — Do the least harm and the most good. (more info)

The Six Pillars of Ahimsa (more info):

     ABSTAINING from Animal Products

     HARMLESSNESS with Reverence for Life

     INTEGRITY of Thought, Word, and Deed

     MASTERY over Oneself

     SERVICE to Humanity, Nature, and Creation

     ADVANCEMENT of Understanding and Truth


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AVS is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 226058533. All donations made to the American Vegan Society are tax deductible in accordance with applicable law..

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