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There is an old saying among charitable organizations, ‘Give ’til it hurts!’ This I am not saying for there is already too much hurting and suffering in this world. I say, ‘Give ’til it helps.’ — H. Jay Dinshah

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Make a difference today! You have the opportunity to support the longest-running national vegan organization in the U.S., since 1960. Your support helps AVS’ outreach programs, website, events, videos, social media, pilot projects, campaigns, and much more!

You can do a one-time donation, monthly pledge, annual pledge, life membership, bequest, or fund a specific project. For larger amounts, checks are preferred due to online fees that are deducted. Send to AVS, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328

Donate here or contact us for details. AVS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. EIN #226058533

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AVS is a registered 501(c)3 organization, EIN 226058533. All donations made to the American Vegan Society are tax deductible.

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