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The Future of ‘Normal’ is a Vegan World

We’ve all heard a lot about the ‘new normal’ in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s also important to look ahead, as The Vegan Society (UK) says about its new outreach campaign, Future Normal, which sets its sights on the society that vegans and their allies are creating. The future of “normal,” VS says, is a place where nonhuman animals are “no longer used, but recognized as individuals with their own personalities, preferences and desires.”

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AVS in USA Today: Why are more families eating vegan?

This week, the president of AVS contributed the vegan perspective to a special section for one of the most popular news sources in the the USA. Freya Dinshah, who has been tracking the growth of vegan interest in the US for the past 60 years, was invited to address the increasing adoption of vegan eating and living: “People are trying vegan and liking it. They are feeling the benefits,” she says, and “realizing the values.”

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A conference bringing vegan living to all

“It will be truly something for everyone,” says Brenda Sanders, president of the Afro-Vegan Society, of this Saturday’s National AfroVegan *Virtual* Conference. From the 20-year vegan to the vegan-curious, everyone will be able to get something out of it.

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Are the USDA dietary guidelines inherently racist?

Dr. Milton Mills has provided testimony to the USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee on multiple occasions. He also co-authored the 1999 Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) report on Racism in the Dietary Guidelines. As the 2020 guideline recommendations were being drafted, we checked in with Dr. Mills on how these may, either unwittingly or intentionally, have a racist effect on nonwhite populations.

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