By Lee Hall

Part 4 of a Series

Sustainable Development Goals: They’re a major topic on social media. But if humans want to be sustainable, we’ve got to get serious. We must divest from customs and businesses that treat animal life as commodities. This blog entry is the fourth in a series, as we look at each of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The fourth goal is “Quality Education.”


Good education empowers people to reach opportunities and explore their best potential. This is something we can all get behind.

If this is to relate to a sustainable human culture, the vegan principle needs to be heard over the din of mainstream courses in land management, food and farming.

The subjects taught must be inclusive of habitat studies… and materials that challenge humanity to transform itself from an incessant tyrant into a respectful contributor.

American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau Lee HallLee Hall is a member of the Speaker’s Bureau of the American Vegan Society. Lee’s entry on “Nonhuman Rights and Human Sustainability” appears in the Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Springer). Lee holds a Master’s degree in environmental law with a focus on climate change from Vermont Law School, and has taught environmental law at the University level.