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If you signed up to do Veganuary, you’re likely aware that we’re at the end of the month. And if you wanted to try vegan but didn’t get started yet, you might wish another pledge program was right around the corner. Well, it is!

Veguary is a free month-long pledge campaign run by the Afro-Vegan Society (founded by AVS speaker Brenda Sanders). The group already generated some serious buzz with the National AfroVegan Virtual Conference last summer. Veguary promises recipes, resources, workshops, and community to everyone who gets involved. Also on the docket: “online cooking demos, virtual education sessions & panels, daily email updates, live Q&A sessions, exclusive prizes and discounts from vegan brands.”

The program is “purposefully situated in the month of February – Black History Month in the United States – to highlight the contributions of Black trailblazers, and the many benefits of vegan living in our communities.” The faces of Angela Davis, Dick Gregory, Cory Booker, Coretta Scott King, and others adorn the Veguary page, celebrating the work of Black vegans to help bring animal-free living and eating into the mainstream.

Are the signups restricted to certain people? Not at all, says the Afro-Vegan Society in a tweet. “Whether you’re non-vegan, vegan, or just plain veg-curious, we want everyone to get in on this empowerment and education!!”

What if you don’t hear about it by Feb. 1st? One option is to check in with the Afro-Vegan Society at whatever point to access what’s still available. Another is to utilize the various resources of the Afro-Vegan Society, and/or those of the other AVS, the American Vegan Society, to put together your own self-guided program.

If the pledge/community model is really what makes it work for you, remember that there are Vegan Pledge programs running in multiple U.S. cities courtesy of the Peace Advocacy Network. However you decide to do it, here’s hoping you take the plunge to go vegan, or to stay vegan, or to help others be vegan — today, tomorrow, for good!