Future NormalWe’ve all heard a lot about the ‘new normal’ in terms of the coronavirus pandemic. But it’s also important to look ahead, as The Vegan Society (UK) says about its new outreach campaign, Future Normal, which sets its sights on the society that vegans and their allies are creating.

The future of “normal,” TVS says, is a place where nonhuman animals are “no longer used, but recognized as individuals with their own personalities, preferences and desires.”

Future Normal is designed to encourage people to think about the kind of world they want to live in and the steps they can take to make it a reality. So the site boasts “a whole host of exciting new videos, articles, podcasts and more to get stuck in to and share with others. We all have friends and family members who describe themselves as animal lovers but who are not yet vegan. Sharing an aspect of the campaign with them could help them to make the connection, whether it’s the thought-provoking campaign video, the Changemaker quiz, or one of our short clips in which vegans describe their lightbulb moment.”

Although it’s a rich resource for vegans themselves, the site is primarily for the vegan-curious, especially to help those with questions navigate the ethical issues and get in touch with their own values. So although Future Normal’s public ads are provocative and envelope-pushing, the site itself omits slaughterhouse footage and other imagery showing how terrible things are for animals right now. As the homepage states, “The Future Normal is a happy place, and you’ll only see happy creatures here. Because when you love animals, you hate to see them suffer.

“That’s normal.”

The idea is to reach the many “animal lovers” who don’t realize how their food and other choices are funding animal suffering. Future Normal aims to connect the dots, bringing people “back to the future” by reminding them of their true feelings for animals. In sum, says the Vegan Society, “we’re appealing to people’s compassionate natures and asking them to reflect on their own values. And we’re providing support for those who want to make changes.”

With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change endorsing the vegan diet to lower greenhouse-gas emissions and more mainstream brands introducing animal-free items, interest in veganism is growing, and it’s great to see the Vegan Society’s contribution to meet that curiosity. “Going vegan can be seen as a hopeful action,” the society’s statement reminds us. “Veganism is a lifestyle taken up by those of us who believe a kinder, more compassionate world can be created, and that whatever small part we can play in that is worth it.”