Three Keys to Success

Being successful with a New Year’s Resolution is about being realistic. If you’ve resolved to eat more vegan meals this year, you’re in for a fun journey of exploring vegan options. To get started, keep it simple using these 3 key steps:

  1. Be Curious.  

Gather information from at least 3 good sources that resonate with you: documentaries, books, websites, magazines, podcasts, and events (festivals, lectures, potlucks, cooking demos).

  1. Decide What to Eat. 
  • Grains, legumes (beans, peas, lentils, peanuts), fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds all come from plants. Make a list of all your favorite foods and identify which are already vegan. Then find vegan substitutes for the animal products you might eat such as meat, fish, eggs, and dairy. Examples: almond or oat milk can replace cow’s milk, veggieburger for a hamburger, ketchup instead of mayo.
  • Many vegan options are available at your local grocery store. Plant-sourced meats and vegan cheeses can be very helpful. Increase the fruits and vegetables that you eat and try something new that intrigues you.
  • Replace meat by eating legumes. Both the USDA and the UN recommend these plant proteins which have other valuable nutrients. Legumes reduce and reverse the rate of climate change. Legumes can be turned into an array of dishes: think chili, beans & rice, lentil soup, bean burritos, hummus. Introduce beans gradually so your digestive system can adjust to the new food.
  • Identify (or create) vegan options at restaurants. Many restaurants have a vegan menu. A regular menu item can often become vegan if you simply ask to have cheese removed.
  • Try new foods. As you transition to vegan, you may discover new foods you really enjoy and find they taste better.
  • Try new recipes by exploring cookbooks and recipe websites. If you have a dish in mind, search online for a vegan version.
  • Think of each meal as a fun challenge. Build your confidence.
  1. Connect with the Vegan Community.

Groups, organizations, and events in the vegan community will make it easier for you to succeed in your resolution:

  • Veganuary is a 31-day pledge to the vegan lifestyle and a great introduction to its benefits. Sign up and participate with others who are making the same resolution as you.
  • Find local sources – look in your area for vegan Meetup groups, vegan societies, Vegan Information Points, and connect with them.
  • Maybe you already know a vegan – lucky you! Connect with them and find ways to share your newfound passion.

Redesigning your lifestyle, especially how you eat, is a major change which may take more time than you expect. Enjoy the process. You don’t have to be perfect.

Best of luck in your New Year’s Resolution to explore veganism. May it bring you much joy, compassion, and community!

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