Talk with the manager/owner of an independently owned restaurant that serves pizza to discuss adding vegan pizza to their menu.

1. Let the pizzeria know: One new ingredient can equal a lot of new customers! Most pizza parlors only need to source a vegan cheese. Now that can be easy because Daiya, Good Planet, and Miyoko’s will supply free samples (info below).

2. Confirm their current sauce and dough are free of animal-product ingredients. If they have cheese in sauce, eggs in dough, or similar issues, those can be omitted. Are they willing to try?

3. Purchase a pizza, so they know you are a serious customer—even if you get a cheeseless pizza. You might opt to give them a package of vegan cheese, and ask them to make your pizza with it. For health code reasons, you may have to supply information/coupons, and they have to source the free cheese sample directly, in which case they will get a bigger sample and make more pizzas!

4. Did they say YES? If they are interested in doing vegan pizza, offer to publicize when it arrives. Keep in touch so you are first to know when they get their sample of cheese. Buy another pizza! (If NO, then ask a different pizzeria, or try them again in a couple months.)

5. Continued support: Compliment their pizza and organize a party at their location to celebrate the arrival of vegan pizza. Even if people can’t attend, they will know the new vegan option is available. Spread the word by telling your friends and neighbors, and by posting on social media. Enlist individuals or groups who will ensure ongoing patronage.

6. Tell AVS about your success! Call us at 856-694-2887 or email [email protected]. Send us photos, and together we can encourage more people to have success.


Vegan Cheese Options to Share with Restaurateurs

 Shredded mozzarella is great for mass-producing pizza because it stores well frozen.

Daiya is happy to email or mail you a coupon for a free 7.1-ounce package of Daiya Cutting Board Mozzarella Style shreds. Contact [email protected] or 604.369.3578. Redeem at a local store; then deliver to pizza parlor. Pizza parlors will be able to get Daiya in 5-pound bags through distributors.

Good Planet has mozzarella shreds, 2.5 to 5 pounds. Pizza parlors contact [email protected] or 714.478.2145 for sample by direct shipment and information about obtaining through their distributors. Individuals can get a free coupon for 8-ounce package from [email protected].

Liquid mozzarella is also very easy to use.

Miyoko’s Liquid Vegan Pizza Mozzarella comes in (2) 3lb tubs. Ships from California. Pizza parlors contact:
[email protected] or 415.521.5313 for their free sample and to learn how to order through their preferred distributor.