By Marcus Pitts

Marcus Pitts

Marcus Pitts.

As a business owner, father, and vegan, my decision to adopt a fully plant-based diet was driven by a variety of factors: health, wealth, and longevity. After watching the documentary What The Health and doing further research, I realized that animal products have a direct link to the cause of heart failure and even some cancers. The statistics are staggering: Heart disease is the number-one killer in America. Heart failure alone claims more lives than all forms of cancer combined. As someone who values my health, this was a wake-up call for me. By eliminating animal products from my diet, I am taking control of my health and reducing my risk of developing these diseases.

Being vegan is not just about what I eat — it’s a way of life that aligns with my values. That’s why I am proud to co-own (with my wife Cara) Southern Roots Vegan Bakery, a black-owned family business located in San Antonio Texas that ships nationwide. Our mission is to craft delicious vegan desserts with a twist on traditional southern classics. We offer a wide variety of options from Vegan Cake Donuts to Vegan Cookies.

I am always thinking about investments and returns. The documentary also highlighted the amount of money that Americans spend on healthcare, much of which is related to preventable dietary diseases. It made little sense to me to continue spending money on healthcare that could be avoided by simply changing my diet.

Owning a vegan bakery allows me to create delicious desserts that are not only good for people’s health but also good for the planet and for the animals. Our bakery is committed to sourcing the highest quality ingredients that are free from animal products and sustainably produced. We believe that everyone deserves access to tasty and healthy food.

The What The Health documentary introduced me to the term Centenarian, which refers to individuals who live past 100 years of age. One thing these individuals have in common is that the majority of them are fully plantbased. I’m proud to say my wife Cara’s grandmother, Mary Lee, was just introduced to the centenarian club and turned 100 on February 15 2023; she has seen tremendous improvement in her health by eating a mostly plant-based diet.

As a father and husband, I am deeply concerned about the legacy I leave and the impact I have on others. By adopting a vegan lifestyle, I am not only improving my own health but also setting an example for those around me.

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