Location: NY


Sample Talks: Investing with Vegan Values; The Vegan Imperative to Reverse Our Ecological Crises; Ahimsa & the Spirit of Jainism

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Atlas, Nava (NY)

Sample Talks:  Nearly-Instant Plant-Based Meals for Super-Busy People; Wild About Greens: Delicious Ways to Get More Leafy Greens into Your Life;

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Sample Talks: Main Street Vegan: Eating Green & Loving Life in the Real World; The Look Great, Feel Amazing, Change the World Lifestyle; How I Learned to Bypass the Drive-thru and Fall in Love with Leafy Greens; and When I’m 64: Vegan Living for Slow-Motion Aging

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Sample Talks: Race, Class, Species: Dismantling injustice by embracing veganism and animal rights; Queering Animal Liberation: On queer bullying and animal violence, American gay male hypermasculinity, and gender presentation in nonhumans

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Sample Talks: Why Be Vegan? Shoot Better Food Shots; Are You a Virgin Vegan? Why No Dairy? How the Great Chefs Cook Vegan!

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