Philly Vegan Awards 2019 Were happy to announce the categories of the 2019 Philly Vegan Awards to be held on November 1st at the Friends Center! They are:

* Best New Vegan Restaurant 
* Best House-Made Burger
* Best Philly-Made Vegan Cheese
* Outstanding Philly Vegan Blog/Podcast
* Tastiest “Healthy” Item
* Best Breakfast Treats 
* Best Midnight Snack 
* Best Vegan Entrée At Nonvegan Venue 
* Largest Increase In Vegan Options 
* Outstanding Vegan Campaign or Event
* Best Instagrammer 

All categories above will be voted on by the Philadelphia public except the last, which will be decided by the planners of the Philly Vegan Awards. There will also be a couple of special awards and surprises. More explicit rules and explanation per category will be included when voting opens in October. Meanwhile, though, congratulations to Lia Belardo, who suggested the Best Instagrammer category and wins a pair of tickets to the event! Find out more about the 2019 Philly Vegan Awards here.