On August 1 1960 American Vegan Society (AVS) president Freya married founder Jay Dinshah. AVS became much stronger then, doubling Jay’s efforts as a lone speaker/author.

People called Jay a crank. He said, “It takes a crank to get things started.” The vegan movement has certainly grown since AVS was established in 1960.

Many organizations are cranking things up to help make vegan mainstream!

Individuals can help vegan-curious people by guiding them to these vegan organizations and resources.

A fine example of Vegan Synergy is Peace Action Network (PAN) which will be doing their vegan pledge at the American Vegan Center on five successive Sundays Sept 11 through Oct 9, noon till 2. More info on the vegan pledge here.

Our website features many other vegan synergy organizations, including the Afro-Vegan Society, Veganuary, The Coalition for Healthy School Food, VegEvents, Vegan Outreach, The Center for Effective Vegan Advocacy, Switch4Good, The Vegetarian Resource Group, World Vegan Vision, the North American Vegetarian Society and more!

Check out, connect to, and support our vegan synergy organizations.