Category: Cooking

Atlas, Nava (NY)

Sample Talks:  Nearly-Instant Plant-Based Meals for Super-Busy People; Wild About Greens: Delicious Ways to Get More Leafy Greens into Your Life;

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Chef AJ (CA)

Sample Talks: Eat Up, Slim Down, and Get Healthy; Overcoming Your Weight Obstacles; Seven C’s to Success; How to Eat Healthfully Anywhere; How to Deal with Cravings and Food Addictions

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Sample Talks: Veganifying Your Nonvegan Recipes; Working with Local Restaurants to Add a Vegan Menu; Preparing Vegan Meals in an Omnivore Family; Vegan Meals Made Easy with Bulk Cooking; Writing a Vegan Blog; Plant-Based Eating with a Limited Budget; Setting up Your Vegan Kitchen

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Sample Talks: Why Vegan? (It’s Easier Than You Think!); Plant-Based and Loving It; Vegan Recipes for the Holidays; Cooking with a Rainbow of Colors; Living Vegan in an Omnivore’s World

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