Location: CA

Shivakumar, Janani (NJ)

Sample Talks: The Power of Youth in Animal Activism; The Politics of Veganism; The History of Sustainable and Ethical Lifestyles

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McDougall, John (CA)

Sample Talks:  Food Poisoning: The Underlying Cause of Chronic Disease; Diet is the Common Denominator for Chronic Disease, Climate Change, and COVID; McDougall’s Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion

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Chef AJ (CA)

Sample Talks: Eat Up, Slim Down, and Get Healthy; Overcoming Your Weight Obstacles; Seven C’s to Success; How to Eat Healthfully Anywhere; How to Deal with Cravings and Food Addictions

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Rivers-Samson, Allison (CA)

Sample Talks: Ditching Dairy, Finding Freedom; How to Make a DIY Salad Bar; Sustainable Activism; Self-Care for the Compassionate Soul; How to Transform Exercise into Joyful Movement; Nia Technique Movement Classes

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Sample Talks: Healing Our World: A Deeper Look at Food; The World Peace Diet; Creating a New Culture of Peace; Being Healthy & Saving the Planet; Heart Teachings on the Dharma Path; Keys to Effective Vegan Advocacy; Metaphysics of Food; Vegan Living & World Peace

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