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American Vegan Center: Veg History Walking Tours

What tour attendees have to say about the experience

Our standard 76-minute walking tour of Old City — recounting (and illustrating) how Philadelphia launched the vegetarian and vegan movements in the United States — amazes and enthralls, according to many folks who have done the tour:

“I found it really eye-opening and informative. Even though I’ve been vegan for 10 years, I didn’t know about the history of vegetarianism in the US or Philly.” — Margaret

“I had a thoroughly engaging time for the entire tour.” — Hannah

“An amazing tour and history of freedom.” — Tomasz

“I had the best time learning how various seemingly small actions by passionate people bought us to today’s popularity of veganism. I can’t recommend enough for everyone to go on this tour! Amazing facts I learned!” — Maha

Excellent, entertaining, and informative.” — Martin

“My friend and I both enjoyed it and learned a lot – loved the visuals too. I will definitely be back — with more friends!” — Nicole

“It was fantastic. Thought-provoking, revelatory and fun. If you’re anywhere near Philly, go go go!!!” — Emilia

“I really enjoyed the walking tour – from the very thoroughly researched content, the length of the tour that was just right, the drawings and generally the energy – including bringing people together.” — Brigitte

“It was interesting, informative and fascinating, so much so that I literally lost track of the time!” — James

“We greatly enjoyed the tour. We learned a lot. Thank you. It also made us proud to live in Philly.” — Kelly

“Vance, your tour took us to a different level. An eye opener.” — Shankar

“I greatly enjoyed the walking tour, and really learned a lot about vegetarian/vegan history in Philadelphia. It is cool how the walk is organized geographically to match the chronology. It was just the right length, too.” — Paul

“Highly recommend! We found it fascinating, informative, and inspiring!” — Ann

“Tour guide was like a walking vegan encyclopedia. He was checking at the end to be sure he ended on time, but none of us were looking at our watches. If you enjoy history, vegan or not, you will enjoy this tour!” — Steve

“An unforgettable experience. There was way more depth to the rich history of veganism than I had realized. Also felt at home at the AVC. Don’t pass up the opportunity to go on this tour when you’re in Philadelphia!” — Giacomo

Sign up for an American Vegan Center veg history walking tour here.  Learn more about the AVC here.

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