The Caroline carriage in the 2023 Independence Day parade.

The Caroline carriage in the 2023 Independence Day parade.

The American Vegan Center announces our VEGEV program in partnership with Carriage Horse Freedom, combining veg history tours with a unique horseless electric Carriage. The US vegetarian movement began and developed right here in Philadelphia, and our popular walking tours have brought to life this amazing area of American history.

Philadelphia also has a remarkable history of advocacy for horses, starting with Benjamin Lay, who refused to make horses work for his benefit, and especially in the person of Caroline Earle White, after whom the Caroline Electric Carriage is named.

In 2023 the carriage made its public debut in several events such as the Independence Day Parade, the 6ABC Thanksgiving Day Parade, the Holiday Parade and others. This marked the first eCarriage to debut in a major city in the US. Now in 2024 we are launching the first eCarriage veg-history tours anywhere. We hope you’ll try one and be a part of this fun and fascinating historical moment.

Carriage Horse Freedom is a solution-oriented animal advocacy organization working to ensure a legislative ban on horse-drawn carriages in Philadelphia. Carriage Horse Freedom promotes a responsible tourism which does not involve the use of animals, and has introduced the Caroline Electric Carriage as a cruelty-free and sustainable alternative to horse-drawn carriages.


SUNDAY, APRIL 14, 2024


The first public tour will be on April 14, 2024. Find more information about this “sampler” tour and register to be a part of this historic occasion right here.

Additional tours will be added to this page when scheduled. Check back frequently or let us know that you’d like to receive the AVS email newsletter to hear as soon as they’re set up.


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