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Lugenbehl, Dale (OR)

Sample Talks: Environmental Impact of Personal Food Choices; Widening Our Circle of Compassion to Include All Species; Ethical Components of Choosing a Vegan Lifestyle; Making the Change to Vegan Eating; What the Buddha Really Taught about Eating Meat

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Sample Talks: Healing Our World: A Deeper Look at Food; The World Peace Diet; Creating a New Culture of Peace; Being Healthy & Saving the Planet; Heart Teachings on the Dharma Path; Keys to Effective Vegan Advocacy; Metaphysics of Food; Vegan Living & World Peace

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Sample Talks: Human Billboards; Vegan Is NOT a Diet; Despair Repair; Under One Roof; Clever Cows and Einstein Squid; Joyfully Vegucating Your Community

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Sample Talks: Extending Compassion to All Beings; Compassion Is a Journey–Not a Destination; Putting Animal Rights Back into the Animal Rights Movement

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Sample Talks: Whole Foods as Medicine; Tips from a Thirty-Year Vegan; Preparing Vegan Cuisine for Friends or Family; The Science of Being Vegan

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