Category: Health

Kahn-Richter, Stasia (IL)

Sample Talks: Inspiration for Healthy Living: Lessons to Share from 34 Years of Medical Practice; Understanding Family Lifestyle Choices that Impact Health; Obesity and Chronic Medical Conditions are Preventable; Gardening for Health; Anti-inflammatory and Brain-Preserving Foods; Good Carbs/Bad Carbs.

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Shivakumar, Janani (NJ)

Sample Talks: The Power of Youth in Animal Activism; The Politics of Veganism; The History of Sustainable and Ethical Lifestyles

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McDougall, John (CA)

Sample Talks:  Food Poisoning: The Underlying Cause of Chronic Disease; Diet is the Common Denominator for Chronic Disease, Climate Change, and COVID; McDougall’s Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion

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Davis, Brenda
(AB Canada)

Sample Talks: Unleashing the Power of Plant-based Diets; Deconstructing Keto and Paleo Diets; Kick Diabetes: Unmasking a Metabolic Monster; Cardiovascular Counterattack; Diet and Cancer; Are Meat and Milk Nutritional Necessities?; Plant-based Nutrition during Pregnancy and Lactation; Plant-based Nutrition for Infants, Plant-based Nutrition for Children.

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Sample Talks: The Vegan Runner; Using Nutrition to Enhance Student Performance; The Athlete and the Doctor

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