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Sample Talks: Investing with Vegan Values; The Vegan Imperative to Reverse Our Ecological Crises; Ahimsa & the Spirit of Jainism

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Sample Talks: The Future of Food: Sustainable and Compassionate; If You’ve Ever Loved an Animal, Go Vegan; The Act of Courageous Compassion That Can Heal Our World; Why Veganism is More Important Than Ever; The Social Damage of Factory Farms.

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Lugenbehl, Dale (OR)

Sample Talks: Environmental Impact of Personal Food Choices; Widening Our Circle of Compassion to Include All Species; Ethical Components of Choosing a Vegan Lifestyle; Making the Change to Vegan Eating; What the Buddha Really Taught about Eating Meat

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Rivers-Samson, Allison (CA)

Sample Talks: Ditching Dairy, Finding Freedom; How to Make a DIY Salad Bar; Sustainable Activism; Self-Care for the Compassionate Soul; How to Transform Exercise into Joyful Movement; Nia Technique Movement Classes

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Sample Talks: For Humanity and Everybody Else: How to Be Conversant on Climate; Self-Rewilding: The Making of a Sustainable Human.

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