Imagine touring a historic city and finding a vegan visitors’ center where you are welcomed and can relax. The city where the United States vegetarian movement was launched in 1817, and where the modern vegan movement began in 1957, today is home to a vibrant vegan food scene, from nationally-acclaimed fine dining to amazing vegan burgers and donuts. Philadelphia Pennsylvania has a rich and curious plant-based past and is today is known for great events, friendly people, and a diverse vegan community.

American Vegan CenterLocated on a charming corner of Old City, the American Vegan Center will initially act as a walk-up information center pointing to vegan food options and neighborhood veg-history sites. Opening on COVID-safe phases, the front room will become a shop with books, T-shirts, and Philly-specific vegan souvenirs. This summer, walking tours will showcase Philly’s rich vegetarian and vegan heritage. In the fall, the center is aiming to be open for presentations by chefs, doctors, scholars, authors, and others.

Click here to read more about American Vegan Center February 2021 (one-page PDF).

To make this a reality, we are soliciting involvement wherein individuals, businesses, and foundations pledge annual donations of $100 to $50,000. Our target is $200,000 for the first year, of which already pledged is $100,000.

Please send checks to: AVS, PO Box 369, Malaga NJ 08328. Phone AVS at 856-694-2887 for more information. Budget is available upon request.

American Vegan Center Donations

2021 only:
Special reception when we open event space – top two donors invited to cut the ribbon

“Founders” – those who pledge $10,000 or more by June 1, money received by October 1 2021 will be honored with special permanent plaque(s) on the wall. “Co-founders” are honored on the wall for $1000-$9999.

Annual Donations:
Each donor receives the following items:

* $25,000 and up “Benefactor”
– Name on wall set off individually with biggest plaque
– Named in all Press Releases for the year
– Host an event at AVC
– Publicly thanked at all AVC events and on event programs that year
– Opportunity to fund a salaried staff position
– Named in brochures, booklets
– All the items listed below for the smaller donation amounts
– Naming rights to AVC Welcome Room and AVC Event Space
Our largest acknowledged donor gets first choice of Named Space for the person/business/organization, second largest gets second choice. This will be announced each November in press release, an onsite ceremony, and a physical sign. Gift pledged by June 1, received by October 1 annually.

* $10,000 to $24,999 “Hero”
– Dinner with Freya Dinshah, Vance Lehmkuhl, and/or Anne Dinshah (when safe to do so)
– Free vegan snacks at the AVC for the year
– Named on website
– Named on wall plaque
– Customized 2’x3′ Drawalong image around your initials
– All the items listed below

* $1,000 to $9,999 “Star”
– First people to receive each new postcard created (authenticated by Vance and mailed to you from Ben Franklin post office)
– Named individually on one slide of big-screen slideshow that runs for hours at a time
– Free admission to most AVC events
– Named in the credits for the App
– All the items listed below

* $500 to $999 “Friend”
– Zoom call with Freya Dinshah, Vance Lehmkuhl, and/or Anne Dinshah
– Life membership AVS
– Discounts on select merchandise
– Listed in American Vegan magazine
– Name on back of AVC T-shirt given out at grand opening and free commemorative shirt
– All the items listed below

* $100 to $499 “Tour Guide”
– Certificate of appreciation
– Thanked on social media
– Named in groups on a slide of big-screen slideshow that runs for hours at a time
– Bumper sticker
– American Vegan Society annual membership