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Tofurky founder has a ‘new’ alt-meat for you to try

Before he came up with Tofurky, the innovative, best-selling holiday roast that spawned a complete line of alternative meat products, Seth Tibbott first fell in love with tempeh. And to this day, he’s still tempeh’s number one fan, and wants YOU to try making and eating this soy-based superfood.

So in this free webinar starting at 2 pm EST on February 12th, Seth will demonstrate how to make great-tasting tempeh at home using basic kitchen equipment. He’ll also cook some of his favorite recipes. Spend an hour learning about the art of tempeh making from someone who’s been at it for 45 years! Seth will also share some info about the world of tempeh and will take questions from participants.

An Indonesian staple food for centuries, tempeh is a nutritional powerhouse, providing very digestible protein, low sodium, fiber, and B vitamins.

Seth Tibbott is the founder of the Tofurky company and an advisor to the American Vegan Society. He is also a board member of the newly formed Tempeh West nonprofit which sells home tempeh making kits.

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