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This second biennial event celebrated the best of Philly’s ever-growing, nationally renowned vegan food scene.


Thanks to all who came to the Philly Vegan Awards, either as nominees, food-sampling venues or vegan-awards enthusiasts. It was a night to remember!

The evening kicked off with vegan food tables featuring a wide variety of tasty offerings from: Atiya Ola’s Spirit First Foods; Batter & Crumbs Bakery and Cafe; Conscious Cultures Creamery; Crust Vegan Bakery; The Fairview; GoVegan Philly; LUHV Vegan Deli; Soy Café, and Vegan Chef Lenka Catering. After an hour of tasting and socializing we moved into the Friends Center’s big Meeting room.

The official mayoral proclamation of Philly Vegan Day was read by WHYY’s Jennifer Lynn, who also joined Eleni Vlachos, Richard Rogers and Christina Pirello as awards presenters. (Weavers Way donated vegan goodies as thanks to our presenters.)

The ballotted winners, as chosen by Philadelphia voters, are:

* Tastiest “Healthy” Item: Tomo Sushi and Ramen
* Best Vegan Entrée At Nonvegan Venue: Memphis Taproom – Roasted Mushroom Gyro
* Best Breakfast Treats: Dottie’s Donuts
* Biggest Increase In Vegan Options: Bourbon and Branch
* Best Midnight Snack: Triangle Tavern
* Best House-Made Burger: Luhv vegan deli
* Best Philly-Made Vegan Cheese: Conscious Cultures Creamery
* Outstanding Vegan Campaign or Event: Philly Vegan Restaurant Week
* Best New Vegan Restaurant: Go Vegan Philly

The Best Instagrammer award was a tie between Jen Collins and Christine Scalfo. Both Instagrammers have won dinner for 2 at Greyhound Cafe.

The life of vegan-food pioneer Alfoncie Austin was celebrated in a brief slideshow presentation. Last year’s lifetime achiever Rich Landau contributed a video clip to announce the Future of Food 2019 recognizing advances in vegan food from the new generation of Philly vegan chef/creators. which went to Stephen Babaki of Conscious Cultures Creamery.

Additionally, The Nile Café was honored as the longest-running vegan restaurant in Philadelphia. The Philly Vegan Awards will return in November 2021. See you then! (Photo: Robert Stolpe)


This inaugural event on November 10, 2017 celebrated the best of Philly’s ever-growing, nationally renowned vegan food scene.


Best Breakfast or Brunch: The Tasty
Best Smoothies or Milkshakes: Goldie
Best Pizza: Blackbird
Best Sandwich/Burger: Royal Tavern – tempeh club
Best Non-Food Vegan Business: Compassion Company
Best Frozen Treats: Franklin Fountain
Best Cheap Vegan Meal: Triangle Tavern
Best Airport/Bus/Train Station Food: Mi Lah 30th St Stn
Best Dessert: Crust Bakery
Best Appetizer: Vedge – rutabaga fondue with soft pretzel
Best New Vegan Restaurant of the Year: The Tasty
Best Vegan Food at Nonvegan Venue: Royal Tavern
Special Presentation — Lifetime Achievement Award:
Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby

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