American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau Myriam Parnam


Position: Nutrition & Children

Bio: Myriam Parham RD, CDE is a registered dietitian, a certified diabetes educator, and a CHIP-certified instructor. She coordinates and teaches multiple programs which promote a plant-based lifestyle at Florida Hospital Zephyrhills. Myriam also coordinates and teaches at the Diabetes Education program and is president and co-founder of Florida Voices for Animals, Inc. She has presented vegan nutrition lectures for Publix, worked on the GEICO research program, and has been a frequent speaker at the North American Vegetarian Society’s Vegan Summerfest. She is the mother of a healthy, active, and thriving teenager who was raised vegan.

Sample Talks: Basics of Vegan Nutrition; The Anti-Aging Diet; Diabetes and the Vegan Diet; Bringing Plant-foods to the Workplace; Raising Vegan Children; Animals Rights and the Vegan Diet; Balancing Your Mind, Body, and Spirit


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