Position: Social Justice
Phone: 707-779-8004

Bio: lauren Ornelas is the founder and president of Food Empowerment Project (FEP), a vegan food-justice nonprofit that promotes veganism, fights for farm workers, and works for access to healthy foods in communities of color, and encourages people not to buy chocolate sourced from the worst forms of child labor. She has been active in the animal rights movement since 1987, having started the first high school animal rights group in San Antonio, Texas, and then Action for Animals, a group she launched in college and that is still active in Austin. As the leader of Viva!USA, lauren investigated factory farms and ran consumer campaigns, working with activists nationwide. Watch lauren’s TEDx talk “The Power of Our Food Choices.” foodispower.org veganmexicanfood.com www.veganfilipinofood.com

Sample Talks: Food Justice, Using Food as a Tool for Social Change; Running Effective Campaigns, Starting Organizations


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