American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau Christina Martin


Position: Cooking

Bio: Christina Martin is a plant-based chef educator, healthy-food advocate, and nutrition columnist. After graduating with a BS in Business Administration from Rowan University, and working in the accounting field, Christina embraced a career change. She now has her associates degree in culinary arts. She has worked in many kitchens of Philadelphia restaurants including Vedge. Christina was also featured in an article and on the cover of Independent Restaurateur magazine. She seeks to share her love for cooking through educating with a focus on teaching the basics of healthy, local, and sustainable plant-based cooking. Christina is now a high school culinary arts teacher and the founder of Cooking to Nourish.

Sample Talks: Plant-Based Cuisine; Setting Up Your Vegan Kitchen; Vegan Desserts; Farm to Table: Seasonal Farmers Market Cooking

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