American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau Ellie Laks


Position: Animal Rights

Bio: Ellie Laks is the founder of The Gentle Barn Foundation and author of My Gentle Barn. Since Ellie was seven years old, she has rescued lost, abandoned, sick, or injured animals and brought them home to heal. In 1999, after majoring in psychology and special education, Ellie established The Gentle Barn as a sanctuary for severely abused and neglected animals. After the animals fully recover, healthy and happy, they help Ellie give hope and inspiration to at-risk, inner-city, and special-needs children who have similar stories of abuse and neglect. Through interaction, children learn kindness, compassion, confidence, and cultivate self-awareness and hope for the future.

Sample Talks: Holding the Light for Animals; Animals, My Greatest Teachers: Lessons Learned; The Truth Behind Meat, Dairy, and Egg Industries.

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