Position: Cooking

Bio: Dilip Barman is a certified PCRM Food for Life instructor and has led Triangle Vegetarian Society for over twenty years, including hosting the country’s largest vegan Thanksgiving. He is the North American representative for International Vegetarian Union and is executive producer of code blue documentary. He enjoys blogging about his daily dining creations ( and is proud to have never repeated a dinner for his wife in all the time he’s known her since 2004. He also teaches vegan cooking classes in addition to Food for Life, and classes in photography and math through area schools and colleges. Dilip is the director of nutrition education at Central Park School for Children, an affiliate of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and is on the advisory committee of the Plant-Based Network.

Sample Talks: An Introduction to Animal Rights; Veganic Gardening; Whole-Food Plant-Based Eating

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