American Vegan Society Speakers Bureau Star Alfriend


Position: Finance & Cooking
Phone: 610-306-1111

Bio: Star Alfriend, M.ed. works in the financial services sector. She has been vegan since 2013; her husband became vegan with her, and he lost 65 pounds. Star is also a proud mom of two girls. Becoming vegan saved her life as she was diagnosed pre-diabetic. After one year of eating vegan, her health turned around. Star’s goal is to help people obtain wealth and live a healthier lifestyle to enjoy life when older. Star has a YouTube channel called Vegan Groupie where she shows you how to cook vegan meals. She is also working on her first cookbook.

Sample Talks: Transitioning to Being Vegan and Staying Vegan; Wise Financial Decisions for People with a Healthy Lifestyle (by a financial professional who is passionate about eating plants)

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