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Redcross West, Stephanie (FL)

Sample Talks: Vegan Professional Advocacy; Turn Your Vegan Passion Into A Business; Growing Your Vegan Business; Mastering Marketing; Critical Steps For Stabilizing Your Vegan Business; The Art Of Teaching/Coaching In A Virtual World; Using Tech To Propel Your Vegan Business; Marketing To Nonvegan

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Sample Talks: Why Vegan? (It’s Easier Than You Think!); Plant-Based and Loving It; Vegan Recipes for the Holidays; Cooking with a Rainbow of Colors; Living Vegan in an Omnivore’s World

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Sample Talks: Vegolitics: Veganism and Politics; Veganism and the Environment; Human Health and Emotional Wealth; Veganism and Economic Transition; Compassionate Intelligence

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Sample Talks: Saving the Keystone Species: Elephants and Rhinos; Why Africa’s Wildlife Matter to Americans; Can Guns and Ahimsa Be Used Symbiotically?

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