Tibbott, Seth (OR)

Position: Entrepreneur

Bio: In 1980, Seth Tibbott founded Turtle Island Foods, now “the Tofurky Company,” on $2500 savings from his 8-year career as a teacher/naturalist. The company’s first product was a tasty fermented Indonesian soy product called tempeh. For 15 years, Seth pursued his dream while losing his shirt as a pioneer of the early plant-based foods movement. In 1995, he introduced the first nationally marketed vegan holiday roast named “Tofurky”. Currently, 55 Tofurky products are sold in 27,000 stores worldwide. Seth has chronicled his “40-year overnight success story” in a new book, In Search of the Wild Tofurky.

Sample Talks:  Imaging Our Vegan Future; The History, Present, and Future of Veganism; Mission-Based Businesses; Explosion of Veganism on Planet Earth

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