McDougall, John (CA)

Position: Healthy Living
Phone: 800-941-7111

Bio: Dr. McDougall is a board-certified internist, author of 13 national best-selling books including The McDougall Plan, The Starch Solution, The New McDougall Cookbook, and The Healthiest Diet on the Planet. With Mary McDougall’s recipes the books encourage whole-food, low-fat, starch-based eating.

McDougall is a practicing physician, who supervises all teaching and medical activities for the highly successful 12-Day McDougall Program—now telemedicine-education. He prefers doing online presentations instead of traveling to speak. He writes the international online McDougall Newsletter.

Sample Talks:  Food Poisoning: The Underlying Cause of Chronic Disease; Diet is the Common Denominator for Chronic Disease, Climate Change, and COVID; McDougall’s Medicine: A Challenging Second Opinion

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