1) Establish a Connection with Dining Services
Building a relationship with your campus’ dining services is a great way to bring more vegan food to campus. Encourage them to participate in Vegan Cuisine Month , host cooking demos, offer non-dairy milks, and serve hot vegan entrees every day. In exchange, your group can provide student feedback for continual improvement and satisfaction.
2) Participate in the Vegan Generation3 Campaign
Have your club come up with and act upon three welcoming ways to share knowledge with vegan-curious people on campus. Learn more about the Vegan Generation campaign here.
3) Become a Vegan Information Point (VIP)
Once your group is up and running, become a Vegan Information Point to serve as a resource to other college students who are looking to learn about or promote veganism. Find out more about how your student organization can become a VIP here .
4) Celebrate Vegan Days
Build awareness on your campus through Dynamic Harmlessness Day, World Vegan Day, and more. You can find a list of vegan days here.
5) Encourage Your Library to Stock Vegan Books
Libraries are always looking for student input on recommended reading. Suggest some books that introduce veganism, cookbooks, and a subscription to American Vegan magazine to your librarian or even create a vegan book display. Here are some of our recommended readings and best sellers.
6) Bring in a Guest Speaker
Partner with a local vegan group or intersecting student groups to host a guest speaker on your campus. There are many great speakers to chose from in the AVS Speakers Bureau, such as Miyoko Schinner (pictured right).
7) Share the Fun of Organizing
Remember that ahimsa applies to human- as well as non-human animals. With so many ways to make a change, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and end up spreading yourself too thin. Delegate responsibilities and recharge as needed. Learn more in Powerful Vegan Messages .

Here are some examples:

Vegan Book Display

Hug a Vegan Day

Visit an Animal Sanctuary

Looking to create your own vegan club? Here are several guides to getting you started: