Posted: October 2015

American Vegan Society (AVS) Year of Service
Internships with the longest-running vegan organization in the U.S.

Executive Assistant
Learn and assist with program services and nonprofit administration: campaigns, events, outreach, accounting, budgeting, data management, fundraising, marketing, book department, and more.

Learn and assist with program servicees and communications: website, campaigns, magazine, events, publicity, marketing, press releases, social media, and emails.

Ideal candidates for AVS internships are vegan, have a bachelors degree, and possess a strong desire to do their part to improve the world. Applicants must be team-oriented and able to work autonomously as needed. This is a great opportunity to learn vegan history and create the future of this compassionate movement.

AVS headquarters is in Malaga NJ (greater Philadelphia area in the country, accessible to lakes and shore). Housing and meals provided. Hours are varied and may allow for part-time other employment. Internships have potential to develop into a salaried leadership role.

Please send resume and cover letter to: or phone 856-694-2887 for more information.

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Volunteer positions are also available onsite or remotely. Please contact or phone 856-694-2887 to discuss possibilities.

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