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The Winter issue of American Vegan (V.3 #3)reports on World Vegan Day (November 1) celebrations in Philadelphia and Chicago, and a New Jersey Vegan Festival. We look at recent steps taken to improve school lunches, and ruminate on the mad cow crisis. Anthony Marr speaks out on tiger preservation and Dr. Charles Vaclavik reviews vegetarian mortality studies. Philadelphia's Kind Café shares some of its health supporting recipes. University of Chicago Vegan Society members are shown competing in an iron skillet contest. Freya Dinshah accompanies Bill Sciarappa on field studies of soybeans for human consumption. Jerry Simonelli talks about non-violence and the animal rights movement, and Joy Katz from Gentle World tells how she has evolved as a vegan campaigner. On the raw beet, Paulette Eisen samples dessert recipes from Cherie Soria. Anne Dinshah interviews Hildegard Richter of Brazil. Hildegard and Marly Winckler invite us to attend the International Vegetarian Congress in November 2004 ( ). Harry Gershenowitz examines the life of Isaac Bashevis Singer, and Charles Patterson explains how Singer's vision inspired him to write The Eternal Treblinka . Earth Vegan Footwear announces a new line of breathable simulated leather shoes. Book reviews: Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker, -Robertson ($14.95 from AVS), Plant Based Nutrition and Health –Walsh ($17.95 from AVS)

In the Summer issue of American Vegan Dr. Michael Greger talks about Maximizing Vegetarian Nutrition, Linda Runyon introduces us to Wild Foods, Dr. Andrew Knight takes a serious view of Mad Cow Madness USA, and gives a satirical response to a query about The Ethics of Eating Carnivorous Plants. A report from Daniel Dinshah, New Jersey Invests in Soymilk, is followed by a visit to a cow sanctuary. Elizabeth Hall gives advice for Reversing Diabetes Through Nutrition. Cory Davis tells us about The Compassion for Animals Road Expedition starting in September. Liz Cook comments on School Meals and Nutrition and Susan Dubois gives A Survival Guide for Vegan College Students. Children serve vegan food at Veggie Tables. Paulette Eisen shares experiences with eating raw food in The Raw Beet.

In the Spring issue of American Vegan: Vesanto Melina observes today's Food Trends and gives us a Vegan Food Guide Daily Plan for Healthy Eating. Vivien Bray reviews a recent book on Raising Vegetarian Children by Melina and Joanne Stepaniak. The late Kathleen Jannaway shares her vision of how Compassionate Living can help a world in trouble. Joan Dunayer looks at the fishing industry. Ursula Dinshah's recipes for a Colorful Palate promise to brighten your life. Jane Sirignano reports on Dr. Hans Diehl's Coronary Health Improvement Project program. For subscription information, click here.

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