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Animal Rights

Animal Rights Concerns

Farm Animal Rights Movement

Compassion Over Killing

Friends of Animals

In Defense of Animals

United Poultry Concerns


Directory of physicians (MD & DO) knowledgeable and supportive of vegan and vegetarian diets.

Harris, Dr. William on scientific basis of vegetarianism:

Klaper, Dr. Michael for health advice:

Greger, Dr. Michael:

Nutritional Supplements

Vegans generally obtain vitamins and minerals in natural foods rather than extracts or supplements. American Vegan Society provides general information and has many great nutrition books available. For individual concerns, consult a dietician or doctor who is knowledgeable about veganism.

Freeda Vitamins, Inc.

Non-animal supplements. 47-25 34th Street -3rd Floor
Long Island City NY 11106
(800) 777-3737

Pioneer Nutritional Formulas, Inc.

Some Pioneer Formulas have Vegan Action’s seal of approval. (Other products by this company are not vegan.)

<304 Shelburne Center Road
Shelburne Falls MA 01370
(800) 458-8483
(413) 625-8212

Prescription 2000

Sharing with you current health information with a focus on nutrition and integrative medicine, and, to let you know about our high quality dietary supplements that are free of animal products

3301 Alta Arden Expy. , Suite 2
Sacramento CA 95825
(916) 483-1085
(877) DO-VEGAN (368-3426)

The Ultimate Life

Not a supplement but a complete meal

Box 4308
Santa Barbara CA 93140
(800) THE MEAL (843-6325)

Bed & Breakfasts

Bed & Breakfasts, Retreats, Spas, Hotels

The Gentle Gourmet Bed and Breakfast. The vegan place in Paris for a green and gourmet travel experience.

The Gentle Gourmet B&B
21 Rue Duret 75016
Paris, France

Other Vegan Organizations

EarthSave leads a global movement of people from all walks of life who are taking concrete steps to promote healthy and life-sustaining food choices.

Gentle World, a vegan community:

Green People Directory: Directory of eco-friendly and holistic health products

Meatout Mondays--vegan recipes every week, a project of Farm Animal Rights Movement,

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Doctors and laypersons working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research, and health promotion.

Institute For Plant Based Nutrition for gardening info and food news:

Public Eye - Artists for Animals produces public events featuring the arts. It focuses on the interaction of humans and animals, shedding light on hidden or ignored injustices. For a complete listing of Public Eye upcoming events, see

Stepaniak, Jo answers questions:

The Vegan Society, England:

This is an interactive non-commercial site for exchange of recipes (without any animal-derived ingredients) and comment, with bulletin boards, and discussion forums.

More of the Vegan Message

Happily, vegan blogging has become extremely popular and there are many more than we can mention! Some include:


Current events from a vegetarian perspective.....

School Lunches


Happily, vegan recipe blogging has also become extremely popular and there are many more than we can mention! Some include:


HappyCow: The Healthy Eating Guide Provides a complete listing of vegan, vegetarian, and veg-friendly restaurants. This dining guide and health food store directory serving the worldwide web since 1999. Provides peer reviews as well as a lively online community, veg recipes, travel and health info, free newsletter, and much more.

HappyCow Healthy Eating Guide

Sources of Non-Animal Items

Commercial products today are often advertised as "wholesome", "natural", or "cruelty-free", with no clear standard of what is really meant. Some firms don't see insects as animal; products using lanolin (wool fat) or fish parts are sometimes sold as "non-animal".

Many products are beginning to be labeled as “vegan” or “no animal ingredients and no animal testing.” A simple online search of your desired product often brings a multitude of options.

Alternative Outfitters

Online resource for fashionable leather alternatives and cruelty-free products for a compassionate lifestyle. A Vegan Boutique located in the Los Angeles area. All products are VEGAN & CRUELTY-FREE!

Alternative Outfitters
408 S. Pasadena Ave. Suite 1
Pasadena, CA 91105
Tel: (626) 396-4972
Fax: (626) 396-4952
Toll Free: (866) 758-5837 (United States & Canada)

Arbonne International

Swiss formula skin care & toiletries. Independent Consultant recommends all Arbonne products with certification.

Dr Kerrie Saunders
6805 E. Sanilac Road
Port Sanilac MI 48469
(810) 622-8687

Ballet Slippers

100% vegan ballet slippers created and distributed by:

Cynthia King Dance Studio
1256 Prospect Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11218

Moo Shoes: Alternatives to Leather

Non-leather shoes and accessories.

152 Allen St.
New York NY 10002
(212) 254-6512, and
Toll free: (866) 59VEGAN (598-3426)


A large selection of 100% vegan goods, including vegan shoes, belts, jackets, foods, body care, t-shirts, wallets, vitamins, cosmetics, gift baskets, chocolates, candles, books, and more

2381 Lewis Avenue
Rockville MD 20851

Soles of the Earth

Quality leather-free footwear and belts for a kinder planet

951 N Oakley Blvd.
Chicago IL 60622
(773) 276-7613

The Vegetarian Site

Footwear, Food, Personal Care, Accessories, Media

PO Box 831
Longmont CO 80502-0831
(520) 529-8691

Vegan Chic makes leading a vegan lifestyle easier. We offer a wide variety of quality vegan footwear and handbags.
5122 Otis Ave
Tarzana, CA 91356
866 91-VEGAN (83426)

Vegan Essentials

A large selection and variety of vegan products

1701 Pearl St. Unit 8
Waukesha, WI 53186
Ph. 262-574-7761
Fax 262-574-7762
(866) 88VEGAN (888-3426)

Vegan Organic Hair Care Products

Vegan Foods

There are so many vegan foods on the market that is is impossible to list all the companies. Do a search for your desired product. We list a few here to get you started.

Meat Analogs:

Vegan Cheese: