Book Sale

Does your group want to do a fundraiser? Sell vegan books at your local Earth Day fair, VegFest, health fair, or other event. Earn money for your group while promoting veganism.

Purchase a mixed case of books from AVS. See AVS Publications (link here) for complete list. Receive 50% off 10 or more books of mixed titles published by AVS.

You might begin with a case such as:
Qty Book Cost Each
2 APPLES, BEAN DIP, & CARROT CAKE: Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook—Anne and Freya Dinshah $24.95
1 DATING VEGANS: Recipes for Relationships –Anne Dinshah $12.95
2 HEALTHY HEARTY HELPINGS –Anne Dinshah   $8.95
2 NEW FAVORITES: Redesigned Recipes for Your Health –Brook Katz $10.00
4 POWERFUL VEGAN MESSAGES: Out of the Jungle for the Next Generation —H. Jay Dinshah and Anne Dinshah $14.95
2 The VEGAN KITCHEN –Freya Dinshah   $9.95
Total retail value for all 13 books: $180.45.

You pay $90.22 and your group makes $90.23.

Kids' Fundraiser

For kids’ fundraiser, visit the Apples, Bean Dip, and Carrot Cake page.

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