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APPLES, BEAN DIP, & CARROT CAKE: Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook
—Anne and Freya Dinshah. Teaches easy delicious healthful recipes for real food, not packaged mixes or sugar-loaded desserts. Kids show recipes with simple illustrated steps. For ages 4 to 12. Adults love it too! Gluten-free options available by request or download pdf. Full-color photos throughout. 2012, 160pp 8½x11” $24.95.
Apples, Bean Dip, & Carrot Cake

COMPASSION: THE ULTIMATE ETHIC: An Exploration of Veganism –Victoria Moran. Vegan movement: background, what/how, vegan experience. 1997, 128pp 6x9" $7.95.
Compassion: The Ultimate Ethic

DATING VEGANS: Recipes for Relationships
–Anne Dinshah. Real people provide useful insights and over 50 suggestive recipes. Sections on philosophy and how to get from the first date to forever. A catalyst for reevaluating your own interactions with other people whether you are the vegan or the other person. How to make delicious vegan meals everyone will love! 2012, 176pp 6x9” $12.95.
Dating Vegans

HEALTHY HEARTY HELPINGS –Anne Dinshah. For vegan survival at college, for hearty eaters, for people who don't like to cook but love to eat. Nearly 100 very simple recipes. 1999, 128pp 6x9" Otabind lie-flat $8.95.
Healthy Hearty Helpings

HERE’S HARMLESSNESS: An Anthology of Ahimsa –18 authors, H Jay Dinshah, Editor. Views on harmless living plus dozens of quotes from notables of past & present. 1993, 96pp 6x9" $7.95.
Here's Harmlessness

NEW FAVORITES: Redesigned Recipes for Your Health –Brook Katz. Cuisine master's recreations of classic international dishes that you have come to love—working them into the healthier and guilt-free vegan pattern. 2000, 224pp 5x8" $11.95; $10.00.

POWERFUL VEGAN MESSAGES: Out of the Jungle for the Next Generation
—H. Jay Dinshah and Anne Dinshah. Jay, the founder of American Vegan Society, eloquently explains ethical reasons for veganism. Anne updates and edits his pioneering writings. Over 40 vegan luminaries tell how they were influenced and inspired by Jay. Together they encourage readers to explore ways to promote positive action in the world towards veganism through “dynamic harmlessness.” 2014, 352pp 6x9” $14.95
Powerful Vegan Messages

The Vegan Kitchen –Freya Dinshah. This timeless classic is believed to be the first U.S. cookbook to use Vegan in the title in 1965. Vegan food variety, equipment, shopping, salads, main dishes, vegetables, breads/crackers, soups, desserts and party treats, etc. Vegan cheeses, milks, creams, ice creams, shakes, spreads; tofu items. 300+ recipes; 4 weeks' menus—simple to gourmet; 13th ed./2d prtg.1997/2004, 96pp 8½x11" Otabind lie-flat $9.95.
Currently on a Buy-One-Get-One-free-to-give-to-a-friend SALE!!!
The Vegan Kitchen

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