Now in its thirteenth edition, one of the values of The Vegan Kitchen is its historical importance. This timeless classic is believed to be the first U.S. cookbook to use the word “vegan” in the title and carry the vegan message. It first appeared as a mimeographed edition in 1965 and was originally written before vegan packaged foods were readily available. The Vegan Kitchen showcases the variety in plant food; explains ethics, equipment, and shopping; then provides recipes for salads, main dishes, vegetables, breads and crackers, soups, desserts and party treats, cheeses, milks, creams, ice creams, shakes, spreads, and more. This thirteenth edition has been revised to include over 300 recipes from simple to gourmet, and 4 weeks of menus.



Freya Dinshah has been a key organizer for local and national events to encourage compassionate, healthful living. She has taught cooking classes to people of all ages for over forty years. Freya resides in southern New Jersey where she works full-time as president of American Vegan Society.


“This was my very first truly vegan cookbook, which I purchased right before becoming a vegan in 1990 (the 1987 edition). Freya made this cookbook extensive and useful for all experienced and inexperienced cooks. It is fully vegan and uses no highly refined foods. It has sample vegan menu suggestions and practical recipes. Freya is a master vegan chef who has created recipes simple enough for the common person. I recommend that every person have a copy of this excellent cookbook.” - Gabriel E. Figueroa

“My favorite book on vegan cooking. Interesting recipes with a nice folksy feel.” - Susan (reposted from amazon)


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Apples, Bean Dip and Carrot Cake: Kids! Teach Yourself To Cook by Anne and Freya Dinshah

  • Make healthy snacks and meals
  • Safely use knives, stove, oven, blender
  • Learn easy cleanup techniques
  • Earn certificates of accomplishment
  • Have fun!
8 1/2 x 11" 160 pages full-color photos throughout. $24.95

Freya also authored XXIII World Vegetarian Congress Cookbook and More Vegan Recipes. Both are out of print, but many of the best recipes appear in the latest edition of The Vegan Kitchen. Contact AVS for availability of Freya’s quantity catering card file system Vegetarian Cooking for 100.



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