This article reprinted from the book Powerful Vegan Messages by H. Jay Dinshah and Anne Dinshah.

Ten Reasons Why You Should Call Yourself Vegan

Read, consider, and refer back to this list after becoming vegan.

Anne Dinshah

  1. You can be an ambassador for the true meaning of vegan. Promote a positive image, not a misguided stereotype. When you are healthy in mind and body, people ask what you do to look great, fit, young, and happy. Share ahimsa. Be vegan with integrity.
  2. Vegan reminds you of ahimsa (nonharming), especially as dynamic harmlessness “do the least harm and the most good.” Commit to do positive projects to help the world. There are lots of ideas in Powerful Vegan Messages and on the Dynamic Harmlessness Day page.
  3. You bring delicious food to social gatherings. Everyone wants to know the recipe and you can tell them that it’s vegan.
  4. You are a normal person, eat three delicious meals a day and might swat a mosquito. You interact with people who don’t always think like you but all can exhibit mutual respect.
  5. You are true to the animals. You can look an animal in the eye and call that animal a friend and not dinner.
  6. Vegan is one concise word that means a lot of good. Vegans definitely eat only from the plant kingdom. You make conscious, compassionate choices about the products you use.
  7. Vegan is healthier. It is economically better, environmentally sound, and ethically unassailable.
  8. The pillars of ahimsa are integrated into your daily life, as you will see explained in detail in that chapter of our book. The pillars are explained on the Ahimsa page of our website.
  9. You decide to be vegan from reading this magazine, our book, and another source of information (See Vegan Generation3). Think of your own questions, and do independent thought.
  10. You decide to join the vegan generation. Welcome! You have just increased the number of vegans by one and decreased the number of people who have yet to understand veganism.