Restaurant Sponsorship

Help American Vegan Society (AVS) promote vegan cuisine.
Become an AVS sponsor!

AVS is inviting restaurants to help us promote vegan cuisine--resulting in a win-win:
more people learning about healthy eating and more customers looking for vegan food.
(New program beginning Spring 2018)

Restaurant receives*:
-event publicity
-restaurant publicity on AVS website and social media
-two restaurant copies of American Vegan magazine 3x/year
-two American Vegan t-shirts
-one Powerful Vegan Messages book
-one Dating Vegans book
-a tax deduction on the amount donated over $100
*Items received can be adjusted to needs of the restaurant, such as multiple locations may need more magazines or more shirts for key staff.

Restaurant does:
Hosts an event to support AVS' public vegan-educational programs. This, in turn, creates more customers looking for vegan food who may come to your restaurant!
Six easy steps below.


1. Tell AVS about your restaurant.

Contact or 856-694-2887.
If your restaurant always serves 100% vegan cuisine, you are probably a good fit.
If your restaurant is not vegan, but offers vegan options/menu, we may welcome you if you have a solid understanding of vegan cuisine.

2. Select a day, week, or month for the event and determine percentage of sales to donate to AVS.
If reservations are required, restaurant takes the reservations.
(AVS does reservations only on its pilot projects which are organized differently.)

3. Publicize.
AVS and restaurant determine the unique marketing needs of the event.
AVS helps publicize event in ways such as making flyers, posting/cohosting (with restaurant) Facebook event, posting on AVS website, sharing throughout social media channels, contacting members in your area, and/or other mutually agreed ways.
Restaurant supplies menu, basic event info, and photos. Restaurant should publicize event on its website, social media, print & post flyers/posters, and other applicable ways.

4. Do the event.
Restaurant is hosting the event. AVS will supply the current bound magazines and basic vegan information.
Restaurant asks someone to take photos and do a short writeup to send to AVS.

5. Restaurant sends check to AVS.
Restaurant receives receipt for tax deduction on the amount donated over $100. The first $100 is not deductible due to the value of goods and services received.
AVS tax I.D. #226058533.
Restaurant is officially added to the list of AVS sponsors.
AVS uses funds raised for Vegan Cuisine Initiatives projects predominantly in communities with poor health and/or low income, helping people find vegan options when eating out and to use at home.

6. Repeat event at least yearly to retain restaurant sponsorship.
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