Voting information follows ticketing.

As Philadelphia becomes known more and more as a showcase of vegan culinary innovation and deliciousness,
it's time to recognize and celebrate the best of our city's abundant and growing vegan scene.

American Vegan Society, in collaboration with and V for Vegan,
is pleased to announce the inaugural Philly Vegan Awards

Friday, November 10 2017   7:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia

Attendees will enjoy vegan food tastings followed by a splendid awards ceremony.

Adult: $20, *Student: $10
At the door: $25.
*Anyone with special circumstances, such as low income, is welcome to use the lower price.

If paying online, via Credit Card or PayPal, you will receive immediate confirmation via PayPal.
To check out using Credit Card, select Add to Cart, then there will be an option "Pay without a PayPal account."
Your name will be at the door.
If purchasing tickets by other method such as cash or check, please phone American Vegan Society at 856-694-2887.

Philly Vegan Awards

A portion of the proceeds will benefit American Vegan Society's Vegan Cuisine Initiative in Greater Philadelphia.
Donations to Vegan Cuisine Initiative are welcome and tax deductible.


Philly Vegan Awards recognize a wide variety of vegan achievement in twelve categories, as voted by Philadelphia vegan eaters:
Best New Vegan Restaurant of the Year
Best Vegan Food at Nonvegan Venue
Best Sandwich / Burger
Best Appetizer
Best Pizza
Best Dessert
Best Frozen Treats
Best Breakfast or Brunch
Best Smoothies or Milkshakes
Best Airport/Bus/Train Station Food
Best Cheap Vegan Meal (under $12 per person)
Best Non-Food Vegan Business
(Best Vegan Cheesesteak and Best Vegan Mac and Cheese were awarded earlier this year.)

Nominees will be drawn from the Greater Philadelphia area
(comprising Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, Bucks, Burlington, Gloucester, and Camden counties).
The categories’ criteria are specified and listed in full at V for Vegan.

Online voting will be hosted by and tracked at V for Vegan.
The initial period, running from 10/18 to 10/30, will determine three finalists for each category.
A second, runoff vote to determine the final winners will occur from November 1 to November 7.
The winners of these votes will be announced and heralded at the ceremony on November 10th.


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