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POWERFUL VEGAN MESSAGES begins with The Golden Rule, explains reverence for life, teaches ahimsa, promotes veganism, provides valuable wisdom for everyday life, plans to close all the slaughterhouses through nonviolent methods, and encourages everyone to take an active role in educating people towards veganism.

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Dynamic Harmlessness Day, November 2

H. Jay Dinshah, the founder of American Vegan Society, eloquently explains the ethical reasons for veganism. His daughter, Anne, updates and edits his pioneering writings. Over forty vegan luminaries tell how they were influenced and inspired by Jay. Together they encourage readers to explore ways to promote positive action in the world towards veganism through "dynamic harmlessness." 2014, 352pp 6x9" $14.95 Available from AVS.

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“Someone must speak for reason, compassion, and hope—and this book will be a powerful voice for that cause.” —Dr. Michael Klaper  

“Powerful Vegan Messages is a delightful and profound blend of advocacy, history, and philosophy in the posthumous work of H. Jay Dinshah edited and updated by his daughter Anne. Leaders in the vegan community provide loving tribute in heartwarming recollections about this activist and pioneer. The stories are at once galvanizing for seasoned advocates, and relatable and encouraging to new vegans and the vegan-curious. Everyone is empowered with Jay’s ethical vision and method to live in a way that is courageous and kind.” —Dawn Moncrief, A Well-Fed World

“This collaborative potpourri brings many perspectives to acquaint readers with Jay Dinshah and his principles. His foundational activism continues to have ripples of impact throughout a blooming vegan culture in North America and beyond, his tireless work having made a difference in the lives of a great number of people who - as of yet - may not even realize it. Read and realize!” —Vance Lehmkuhl, “V for Veg” columnist, Philly.com and Philadelphia Daily News


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Powerful Vegan Messages

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Be inspired by Brian and Sharon Graff, Alex Hershaft, Dr. Michael Klaper, Howard Lyman, Victoria Moran, John Pierre, and many more as they share their touching stories. They were inspired to do tremendous actions on behalf of the animals and discovered their abilities to make positive changes.

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about the authors

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H. Jay Dinshah (1933-2000) was a motivational speaker, lifelong vegetarian, vegan since 1957, founder of American Vegan Society in 1960, editor of Ahimsa magazine, and president of AVS for forty years. Jay was especially skilled at planning conferences and encouraging people to get involved. After touring a slaughterhouse in 1957, he vowed to work every day until all the slaughterhouses are closed.

Anne Dinshah is the daughter of Jay and Freya Dinshah. She is a motivational speaker and lifelong vegan who is currently vice-president of AVS and managing editor of American Vegan magazine. She is a professional rowing coach and "the girl next door." Her son Clint joins Jay and Anne on the cover of Powerful Vegan Messages.



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Other Books

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Dating Vegans Anne Dinshah boldly tackles social issues with stories from real people, insights, and recipes. Better than a romance novel whisking readers away to fantasy, it’s a catalyst for reevaluating interactions. Popular sections discuss philosophy and how to get from the first date to forever. Designed to be easily read a bite at a time anywhere: in a park, on a train, at the beach, or waiting for a date. Or you can read the whole book as a one-night stand.

Apples, Bean Dip and Carrot Cake Kids! Teach Yourself to Cook
by Anne and Freya Dinshah.
• Safely use knives, stove, oven, blender
• Learn easy cleanup techniques
• Earn certificates of accomplishment
• Have fun!
Makes a great gift for Christmas, summer vacation, birthdays, or any day of the year!

HERE’S HARMLESSNESS: An Anthology of Ahimsa H. Jay Dinshah, editor.

Healthy Hearty Helpings by Anne Dinshah. For vegan survival at college, hearty eaters, and people who don't like to cook but love to eat. Nearly 100 very simple recipes.


Powerful Vegan Messages: Impersonations by H. Jay Dinshah

Powerful Vegan Messages presents Humorous Historical Impersonations by H. Jay Dinshah interviewed in 1999 by Anne Dinshah.
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Inflatuation between Guy and Anne

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