Healthy Foods Are Good Business in Millville

Taste of Millville items will go on the menus.

Eight restaurants prove that healthy food is a hit. Four restaurants added something new and completely from plants for November’s Taste of Millville. The other four venues featured at Taste of Millville already serve vegan options. All declared they would continue offering plant options on their menus.

Robert Bruni, owner of Bruni’s Burgers said, “We sold over 100 beanburgers in November. We diversified our clientele beyond those who come for beef. It’s a good business decision I’m sticking with.”

The four new reasons to eat healthy in Millville are:

Bruni’s Burgers – Homemade Beanburger $4, made of beans/veggies/rice with special sauce, lettuce, tomato, onion, available on bun or gluten-free on a bed of lettuce.
Kevin Hills, barber at In & Out Kutz on High Street, says, “It’s healthier to eat, and I don’t miss the beef. I eat the beanburger every day!”

Pilar Restaurant –Bean-Potato Pastelillo, $1.75 each or $15/dozen, made-to-order in 10 minutes.
These hot envelopes are a tasty meal on-the-go or to share with friends.

BoJo’s Ale House –Veggie Tacos (specify vegan), available all day every day, with special price 3 for $5 during happy hours 4-6pm daily or 9-11pm Sun-Thurs.
Who knew bar food could be healthy?

Superhero Café –Mango/Strawberry Salsa with chips delighted customers and will continue as a Super Salsa using the seasonal fruits available.
Let’s see what the fruits are this week!

The United Nations promotes legumes (peas, beans, and lentils) as primary sources of protein—economical and environmentally friendly. Now Bruni’s and Pilar are making main-dish beans easily accessible and delicious. And we all know we should eat vegetables and fruits, so BoJo’s and Superhero created innovative crowd-pleasers.

Taste of Millville also featured vegan items already on the menus at restaurants. Leading the way in number of healthy items available in Millville is Wildflower Vegan Café with its selection of wraps, salads, hot dishes, and gluten-free desserts. Peking Tokyo does amazing vegetable sushi as well as offering vegetable/rice dishes. China Wok patrons enjoy vegetable-bean curd soup, spring rolls, and vegetable/rice dishes. El Guacamole’s signature guacamole is always made-to-order and a healthy array of vegetables are available for a variety of Mexican dishes.

Get a jump start on those healthy new year resolutions this holiday season. Go eat healthy in Millville!
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