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Fredonia Showcase Dinner

Kasia Coffee

Thursday May 11 2017, 6pm

Debuts five new healthy vegan dishes

Kasia Coffee
183 E Main St, Fredonia NY 14063
Free parking available on either side of the building.

Adult: $37, Student/Low Income: $27, Supporter: $50.
Low income price is honor system for those who need lower price.
Supporters enable AVS to do more work for the community.

Prices include all gratuities. Reserve early.

Kasia Showcase Dinner

(subject to change)

All items are made in-house for one-of-a-kind flavor experience.

Vegetable Flatbread Pizza
mushroom, olives, peppers, fresh basil, and shaved artisan cashew mozzarella

Cucumber Bisque
refreshing, creamy, and light

Seitan Salad Grilled Wrap
housemade wheatmeat, romaine lettuce, paper-thin carrots, and tomato on a rice tortilla with a trio of select sauces

Portobello-Tofu Ravioli
grand-sized stuffed housemade pasta

ChocOrange Cake
doubly delicious with ChocOrange Icing

Proceeds benefit American Vegan Society’s healthy-eating initiatives in Fredonia.

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