Hi! I’m Clint Dinshah, born December 7 2010. I write "The Clint Chronicles:
Adventures of a Vegan Kid with One Vegan Parent and One Nonvegan Parent."
Each issue in American Vegan I tell you what I’ve learned as a vegan kid. I hope it helps you be
strong like me. Mom helps me a bit with the typing (she’s vegan) and Dad gives me lots of great ideas
to write about. I say the animals should be able to do fun things. Don’t eat them.

Here are some stories:

Clint Birth Announcement from winter 2011

Conversation Overheardfrom fall 2011

Banana Whip from spring 2012

Going Fishing?from winter 2012

Animal Matters part 1 of 2 Dairy Difficulty from spring 2013

Animal Matters part 2 of 2 Meat Matters from fall 2013

The Value Meal from spring 2014

Ahimsa from summer 2014

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