The event Buffalo is eagerly anticipating!

Thursday, September 20 2018

Guided tour: stroll & dine in Elmwood Village, Buffalo NY

5 Buffalo Businesses at
4 Elmwood Restaurants
3 debuts of vegan fare
2 hours of dining fun
1 birthday afterparty!

Vegan Courses at Successive Venues
Beginning at: Forty Thieves
727 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY
5:00, 5:45, 6:30, or 7:15pm
(See menu below.)
5:45 and 6:30 are SOLD OUT, Please select from the other times!
If you need to meet friends in those slots, call 856-694-2887 to ask if we can fit you in.

Adult: $39    Student age 21+: $29   Anyone under 21: $27   Supporter: $50
All reservations include 3 restaurant venues plus dessert.
Reservations for those over 21 include afterparty and pizza coupon for Milkie's.
Reservations for under age 21 do not include afterparty or coupon.
Anyone with special circumstances, such as low income, is welcome to pay the lower prices.

Your name will be at the door; not tickets. Please come at the correct time.
With limited seating and a complex event, you might not be accommodated if you are more than 15 minutes late, and we cannot issue refunds.
Free parking available on side streets.

Thurs Sept 20 Dinner Pricing
Select Time
Pay with credit card or PayPal with the above button. Or phone AVS 856-694-2887.



Check in at First Venue
Please arrive at your reserved time.
Forty Thieves
727 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo
Hors d'oeuvres: carrot dogs and more TBA

Leisurely stroll to the nearby
Second Venue
Cecelia's Ristorante
716 Elmwood
Romanesco with kale and penne, also available in gluten-free penne

Enjoy the evening air as you venture down the street further to
Third Venue
Root & Bloom Cafe
423 Elmwood
Pistachio and hemp crusted cauliflower steak,
atop mashed purple potatoes,
topped with roasted asparagus and drizzled with a pumpkin crema

Then return up a block for dessert from
Mama Rosa's Quaker Bonnet.
Served at Milkie's for 21 and over. Provided to-go for under 21.
522 Elmwood

Afterparty at Milkie's:
All 21 and over are invited to the afterparty
Kareoke Night at Milkie's
Maggie Sargent's 40th birthday party
Vegan Mini Pizzas available or redeem your coupon anytime before or on October 31!

(menu subject to change)


For information on how to host a vegan progressive dinner in your town click here.

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